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The last month if winter is here, finally !  For me that means two things: trip to Morroco is 2 weeks away and its getting warm(er) here in Porto!

Ipod on and here we go:

calm music

and boost the mood music




P.s. Have to find new music fast! Any suggestions?

The sunsets of my hometown, gosh how I miss them !


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Songs of 2010

I was checking some other blogs and most them had posts about their music of 2010.

So here comes mine songs of 2010 that my Ipod was playing over and over this year:

Tim &  Jean Come Around

These guys are great, there is not so much of their music out yet, but I guess they will be really big soon.

The XX – You’ve Got the Love

Like for many others The XX was my 2009 band for sure, so this song is my cover song of 2010

Little Joy – Unattainable

My discovery of 2010. Though the song is not from  year 2010. All the songs of this Brazilian/American band has a great feeling. And the girl seems so… interesting and charming.  Hope to hear something new from them soon!

Belle & Sebastian – I Didn’t See It Coming

I love these guys since I heard them in ”Juno” movie. This is just so easy to listen, perfect soundtrack for walks on a sunny day.

Houses – Reds

Calm  song for lazy mornings.

Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

This family/band never misses the point.  Magnificent track from a magnificent album.

And my thing has always been music videos, and here it goes – interactive music video, really sets u in the mood. Try it out !  http://thewildernessdowntown.com

Jacek Kulesza trio Suitcase & Tambourine – Friend

My singer/ songwriter of the year. And they are Polish! Go Eastern Europe !

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