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The last month if winter is here, finally !  For me that means two things: trip to Morroco is 2 weeks away and its getting warm(er) here in Porto!

Ipod on and here we go:

calm music

and boost the mood music




P.s. Have to find new music fast! Any suggestions?

The sunsets of my hometown, gosh how I miss them !


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Busy time

I had a busy and fast-forward half a year.

I have been moving again. Now I live with bunch of awesome Portuguese people, I go to Portuguese language course, work in bar, work on some comercials and plan some future plans 🙂

Last two days have been very wrong for me and I could not get why. But just now I realized – because I haven’t been doing anyting creative for my heart for a very long time.

So, Porto, be aware Kate is taking her camera out, but for now some pictures of this summer/ autumn 

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Happy Hour!!!

As I have been to lazy lately and haven’t been going out and haven’t been working in the bar this week, finally after countless months I am able to wake up early ( Yes, 10.30 am is early for me:)).

First half of today I spent on my diploma work ( I should make a separate post about that) and on making cocktail list for one of the bars I work in  Breyner 85, if you happen to visit Porto I suggest you to visit this Bar/ music/dance school/concert & jam place, well real culture house I must say. It is located in a beautiful old building, I guess from beginning of 20 century. During a day time you can eat toasts and salads named by singers and drink some sangria in the beautiful garden of Breyner house, but during nights you can enjoy jazz, blues jam sessions ( by this I mean real jam sessions), watch short movies or enjoy live concerts. And hopefully soon, you can do it all while sipping one of the best cocktails made in Porto ( I put on the list some of classic stuff and some not so classic, like variations of my favorite cocktail Long Island Ice tea).

But for now some pictures of cocktails in my other working place ” Terraza”, which is worth visiting as well, as it has a beautiful outside lounge with sofas and view like this.

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Long time no see.

I was working all this summer almost every night, but finally I have some spare time to , actually, show my news.

Sooo, I got a new flat and a new roomie and I am really excited about both.

Here are some pictures of my new roomy Yagmur, who likes to pose ( oh, I LOVE her style) in the staircase of our magnificent house.


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This year I found a new addiction – surfing. Though I am just a beginner and surf like a complete rock there is nothing more exciting and relaxing at the same time as surfing.

And what can be better than surfing with lots of fun people from around the world and afterwards chilling under colorful umbrella in one of the most beautiful beaches in north of Portugal?

Previous week I had an oportunity to visit a friend who works in Oporto Surf Camp and now I can’t wait to go back.

This is real life, I say!

This picture is taken in the place I call Paradise beach a bit south from Espinho, Portugal. That is my surf teacher and friend Rui, who as well is one of the teachers in Oporto Surf Camp

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This picture was taken on my staircase long time ago. Actually, the place is magical, there are so many pictures of so many people in exactly this place. I think I should go for exhibition which includes only pictures taken in this spot..

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Details of Porto

I am living in Porto for almost a year and I still can’t get enough of the city. My favorite thing to do when I need to relax is go out on the tiny streets of Porto with my photo camera.

In my opinion old people are so interesting and beautiful, especially here, where they know how to enjoy days, it does not matter is it playing domino or gambling in the park, feeding pigeons or picking up pine nuts in the ”Crystal Palace”.

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