Songs of 2010

I was checking some other blogs and most them had posts about their music of 2010.

So here comes mine songs of 2010 that my Ipod was playing over and over this year:

Tim &  Jean Come Around

These guys are great, there is not so much of their music out yet, but I guess they will be really big soon.

The XX – You’ve Got the Love

Like for many others The XX was my 2009 band for sure, so this song is my cover song of 2010

Little Joy – Unattainable

My discovery of 2010. Though the song is not from  year 2010. All the songs of this Brazilian/American band has a great feeling. And the girl seems so… interesting and charming.  Hope to hear something new from them soon!

Belle & Sebastian – I Didn’t See It Coming

I love these guys since I heard them in ”Juno” movie. This is just so easy to listen, perfect soundtrack for walks on a sunny day.

Houses – Reds

Calm  song for lazy mornings.

Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait

This family/band never misses the point.  Magnificent track from a magnificent album.

And my thing has always been music videos, and here it goes – interactive music video, really sets u in the mood. Try it out !  http://thewildernessdowntown.com

Jacek Kulesza trio Suitcase & Tambourine – Friend

My singer/ songwriter of the year. And they are Polish! Go Eastern Europe !



I have always loved to recieve postcards. As most of my closest people live far away from me, time to time, I get some sweet postcards from them. And it really makes my day and puts a big smile on my face, when I, running to work or somewhere else fast check my mail box and there is a letter or postcard in it.

Too bad people nowadays are so lazy and forget about such a thing. It’s all emails, facebook and skype now. But how much personal and sweet is to recieve handwritten postcard from somebody, who actually cared to pick a card, write something and send it?

Well, I cam across this awesome site  https://www.postcrossing.com

Where you can register yourself and send- recieve postcards from random people around the world.

My first postcards are on the way. I am excited !

Here are some of postcards that been sent to people from this site, first one from Japan and second one from Portugal. How adorable are they, huh?:)

Don’t be lazy, send some postcards and make people smile !

Don’t you think so?

I think red shoes are hot. And already for a year or so I am thinking on getting a pair of red pinup kind of shoes. Somehow I never did it, because wearing high heel shoes for me is a bit of a problem as I am already 1, 78 m. But now I am dating a veeeery tall guy, so I can stand tall and walk proud even on high heels.

Here are some nice red vintage shoes I found in etsy.com, my favorites are first ones :

etsy shops:

* first * second * third * forth *

Busy time

I had a busy and fast-forward half a year.

I have been moving again. Now I live with bunch of awesome Portuguese people, I go to Portuguese language course, work in bar, work on some comercials and plan some future plans 🙂

Last two days have been very wrong for me and I could not get why. But just now I realized – because I haven’t been doing anyting creative for my heart for a very long time.

So, Porto, be aware Kate is taking her camera out, but for now some pictures of this summer/ autumn 

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I know its cheesy hip

By kukkaa

Nowadays vintage is hip. Modern generation is buying out all the second hands and go to vintage festivals, use polaroid instead of digital and get married in grandma’s wedding dresses.

I know it, but still I can’t help my self. I am obsessed with old photo and film cameras and the way oldschool color photography looks like.  But that is very noticable in my photography 😉

As my other obsession is music videos, I decided to share some of them, which has this cool vintage look, and yeah they are all indie boy bands, I know I am walking clishe and sissy in this case, BUT I LIKE THEM.

The Drums – Forever and ever Amen.

I love each song of them, and I am going to see them in Lisbon in two months, but the most charming part about them is singer who really dances as Ian Curtis.

Noah and The Wale – Shape of My Heart

This band and their song ”5 years time” gives me such a nostalgia. There were times when I was a freshman in uni and with some other freshman girls were studying to dance this song with vodka cocktail glass in my hand.

The video is amazing and the song is oh just so bittersweet and those Mexican outfits..

Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another world

Yes, yes, one more boy band. The girl in the video is so beautiful and I just got the same hair cut 🙂

Ahh , and this is photography made by my friend Adriano. We both share passion for old Russian cameras ”Zenit”

Busy bee

No time to write, but so much to say.

Being busy with working every night before visiting Latvia.

Just quick share of news:

– I got 6500 EU support for my graduation movie from Portuguese film foundation

– I got internship place as AV media manager in Breyner Academia, i think its gonna be fuuuun!

– I am getting home to Latvia for one week!

I will see these little fingers soon 🙂

Enjoy your day ! *

Today I am able to get out of the bed just to grab one more salamon sandwitch from yesterday’s party and all the house is full of shiny tiny papers from the party decorations.

Home made caipirinhas made my head heavy, so today there is only easy listening music in my house, which is a good change after yesterdays crazyloud party music.

Here is a small list of my latest favorites:

Down the Way is the sophomore album from Australia’s brother and sister Angus and Julia Stone. It has a beautiful light sound, but it is possible to hear some darkness and a lot of lonelyness in it, which is most probably the reflection of siblings being on the road all around the world whole year before giving this album out. Sweet voices of siblings who take turns in lead vocals are like candy for ears, but eat candies with limits, lots of it could be too much.

My favorite song of the album is ”Big Jet Plane” has a beautiful music video.

Break Up by Pete Yorn and all loved actress Scarlett Johansson is very light weighted sing- along album that I found some time a go. When Scarlett gave out her first album ”Everywhere I Lie my Head” track ”Falling down”was in my top 25 list in Ipod, but none of the other songs catched my attention and I found her vocals, well how could I say it… very unpolished.

But in this album, in my opinion, ”unpolished” vocals are making it even more charming. It is easy pop, but it does not have this greasy gloss , like most of music from this category.

My favorite is Chris Bell’s cover ”I am the Cosmos”, but  sing-along ”Relator’‘ and its simple, ”unpolished” video is not bad as well:)

Goran Gora is a singer – songwriter from my country – Latvia. I got to know his music when he was warming up for ”Kings of Convenience” which is one of my favorites from Nordic countries.  Now he and The Yrs gave out new album Mystyrys Yrs.

In my opinion Goran Gora is one of the top quality musicians in Latvia, people love him at home and across the borders as well. If his first album was very acoustic, simple , but very beautiful ”Mystyrys Yrs” is full of new sounds and experiments and is not plain acoustic.  Each song has its own original sound and many of them include guest artists, so , I believe , everybody can find something to their ears from this album.

Here is a song from his first album Jet Lag.

New album you can download for free in his website.

Enjoy!  New music coming up soon!

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