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My passion is music videos, I have tried to make some and still trying. Now when I am done with school and there are no shootings left till September I have a big plan to make a music video. It is all in my head, but writing the script down seems so hard now, too many things going on in my head. But I have promised my self to finish it up till the end of next week, so if I will by lucky enough, it is going to be done and possible to see in the end of September. ( Till now you can check out my first ” try” in Youtube.)

But enough about me. Except dreaming about and trying to make some projects on my own I just love to watch music videos. Lately one of my most listened bands is Beirut. Some people say, whenever they hear Beirut they remember me,  so how addicted I am, huh?

Anyways, they have a nice, low budget music video for one of my favorite songs – ”Elephant Gun” , when I saw it first time i thought it is the closest in sense of style what I would love to do in music videos.  The director is Alma Har’el. I went to see her web page, though she has not done a lot yet, I believe in short future she is going to make a lot of great videos and even more photography ( I love her sense of photography, just so natural and not forced).



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