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By kukkaa

Nowadays vintage is hip. Modern generation is buying out all the second hands and go to vintage festivals, use polaroid instead of digital and get married in grandma’s wedding dresses.

I know it, but still I can’t help my self. I am obsessed with old photo and film cameras and the way oldschool color photography looks like.  But that is very noticable in my photography 😉

As my other obsession is music videos, I decided to share some of them, which has this cool vintage look, and yeah they are all indie boy bands, I know I am walking clishe and sissy in this case, BUT I LIKE THEM.

The Drums – Forever and ever Amen.

I love each song of them, and I am going to see them in Lisbon in two months, but the most charming part about them is singer who really dances as Ian Curtis.

Noah and The Wale – Shape of My Heart

This band and their song ”5 years time” gives me such a nostalgia. There were times when I was a freshman in uni and with some other freshman girls were studying to dance this song with vodka cocktail glass in my hand.

The video is amazing and the song is oh just so bittersweet and those Mexican outfits..

Mystery Jets – Dreaming of Another world

Yes, yes, one more boy band. The girl in the video is so beautiful and I just got the same hair cut 🙂

Ahh , and this is photography made by my friend Adriano. We both share passion for old Russian cameras ”Zenit”


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My passion is music videos, I have tried to make some and still trying. Now when I am done with school and there are no shootings left till September I have a big plan to make a music video. It is all in my head, but writing the script down seems so hard now, too many things going on in my head. But I have promised my self to finish it up till the end of next week, so if I will by lucky enough, it is going to be done and possible to see in the end of September. ( Till now you can check out my first ” try” in Youtube.)

But enough about me. Except dreaming about and trying to make some projects on my own I just love to watch music videos. Lately one of my most listened bands is Beirut. Some people say, whenever they hear Beirut they remember me,  so how addicted I am, huh?

Anyways, they have a nice, low budget music video for one of my favorite songs – ”Elephant Gun” , when I saw it first time i thought it is the closest in sense of style what I would love to do in music videos.  The director is Alma Har’el. I went to see her web page, though she has not done a lot yet, I believe in short future she is going to make a lot of great videos and even more photography ( I love her sense of photography, just so natural and not forced).


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Yesterday I came a cross Depeche Mode music video ”Hole to Feed” and I was surprised. How hypnotizing, charming and at the same time disgusting it is.

Afterwards I checked other videos of  this director ( Eric Wareheim ). The man definatley has his own style. very nasty and colorful, something new I would say:)

Other of his works in his vimeo.

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