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Today I am able to get out of the bed just to grab one more salamon sandwitch from yesterday’s party and all the house is full of shiny tiny papers from the party decorations.

Home made caipirinhas made my head heavy, so today there is only easy listening music in my house, which is a good change after yesterdays crazyloud party music.

Here is a small list of my latest favorites:

Down the Way is the sophomore album from Australia’s brother and sister Angus and Julia Stone. It has a beautiful light sound, but it is possible to hear some darkness and a lot of lonelyness in it, which is most probably the reflection of siblings being on the road all around the world whole year before giving this album out. Sweet voices of siblings who take turns in lead vocals are like candy for ears, but eat candies with limits, lots of it could be too much.

My favorite song of the album is ”Big Jet Plane” has a beautiful music video.

Break Up by Pete Yorn and all loved actress Scarlett Johansson is very light weighted sing- along album that I found some time a go. When Scarlett gave out her first album ”Everywhere I Lie my Head” track ”Falling down”was in my top 25 list in Ipod, but none of the other songs catched my attention and I found her vocals, well how could I say it… very unpolished.

But in this album, in my opinion, ”unpolished” vocals are making it even more charming. It is easy pop, but it does not have this greasy gloss , like most of music from this category.

My favorite is Chris Bell’s cover ”I am the Cosmos”, but  sing-along ”Relator’‘ and its simple, ”unpolished” video is not bad as well:)

Goran Gora is a singer – songwriter from my country – Latvia. I got to know his music when he was warming up for ”Kings of Convenience” which is one of my favorites from Nordic countries.  Now he and The Yrs gave out new album Mystyrys Yrs.

In my opinion Goran Gora is one of the top quality musicians in Latvia, people love him at home and across the borders as well. If his first album was very acoustic, simple , but very beautiful ”Mystyrys Yrs” is full of new sounds and experiments and is not plain acoustic.  Each song has its own original sound and many of them include guest artists, so , I believe , everybody can find something to their ears from this album.

Here is a song from his first album Jet Lag.

New album you can download for free in his website.

Enjoy!  New music coming up soon!


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